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Your Success Schema!


Graphic design, Creative, web & mobile solutions


Marketing Branding, advertising campaigns, and all the good stuff.


will extract the juice out of your business data, to make use of it..

Stay on top

Coaching and Educating your team will help your team be the best of all


We provide a multitude of services of necessity to give your business the outstanding position it deserves, therefore we gladly  will help you a full an integerated set of marketing services as follows

We provide a multitude of services of necessity to give your business the outstanding position it deserves, therefore we gladly  will help you a full an integerated set of marketing services as follows

Visual Design

Visual identity, logo,  banners,  and other graphic materials necessary for your online presence.

Social Media Management

To maintain a sound presence on social media, you can always rely on Schema, we can take care of your accounts, post on your behalf, and handle visitors engagement.

Marketing Strategy

Sketching the best strategy to deliver your marketing message, based on market data and experimenting results.

Advertising Campaigns

Well targeted advertising campaign on the different ads channels, Facebook, Google ads, twitter, etc.

Content Marketing

As you may know, when it comes to Marketing, Content is the king, we will provide you with great content that can help your brand to convey its message as clear and compelling as possible, including social media posts, articles, blog posts, videos, and more.

Web Design

A  good Website is a must! Schema can build you a website to reflect your value propositions, what you are all about.

Ecommerce Integretaed Marketing

Running ecommerce has too much moving parts, it can be overwhelmingly tough task, Schema offers you ecommerce marketing packages that will suit your business.


To get your website on the top, SEO is the asnwer, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, and it means configuring your website to appear in the top results of the search results page.

Analytics and Reporing

Schema can help you to systemize your business, build the proper routine for tracking and monitoring your company, the support you with the eye-opening insights in order to crack the competition.


Brand collateral

Your Brand collateral is crucial for your branding process, it improves your image and backs your marketing and sales to achieve your ultimate targets.

  • Business cards

  • Stationary

  • Catalogs

  • Giveaways

Outdoor advertising


Bringing your brand outside, show off your outstanding brand, and brag out the value propositions you brought to the game, and Schema will design it all for your:

  • Billboard
  • Guerrilla advertising
  • Bus advertising
  • Street furniture


The Best Solution For Your Business

  • Website Design / development

    • Cool Designs
    • Resplosive
    • Best Ui&Ux
    • On-shelf and opensource solutions
    • Customised solutions
    • High performance
    • Integration with marketing funnel

  • Ecommerce solutions

    • Fully compatible E-commerce solutions for your business
    • Online ecommerce mangement systems (web and mobile apps).
    • Stock management systems.
    • POS
    • Stock management systems
    • warehouse management systems.
    • and more..

  • ERP and CRM

    • provide your orgnisation with the management systems that suits its needs.
    • CRM ( Customer relations managment systems)
    • ERP ( Enterprise Resources Planning systems)
    • LMS ( learning management systems)
    • SIMS (School Information Management systems)
    • tailored systems

  • Smart AI and data science backed solutions

    • Smart Chatbots
    • Predictive systems
    • Machine vision apps
    • OCR  apps
    • Smart home solutions

Our Consulting & Traning Services

We Offer a varaity of traning services that will mach your needs, whether you are and individual or a company.

Periodically and Seasonally public Sessions

Public courses sessions that are carried out frequently, open to the public and anyone can be enrolled.

Scope of training

We deliver training materials in many business and development related fields, such as Digital Marketing, marketing analytics, Market research, content creation, graphic design, coding, and more..

Free consulting sessions

We provide free Consulting sessions for Startups and early stage business ventures, helping them form their business model and Shape their value propositions

Reporting and Documentation coaching

A serious routine for recording and reporting your business data is crucial for keeping things under control, Schema may give you a hand setting up such policies.

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